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2014-2015 Campus Updates

Upcoming Hood Pride Days:
Thursday, Nov. 20th (Track I)
Saturday, Nov. 22nd (Track II)
If you do not have any Hood gear, simply wear the colors.
Note: The new hood gear will not be available for purchase until you return from Christmas break.
Fireside Chats with Dr. Lattimore:
Fri., Nov. 14th, 5:30 - 6:00 pm - Track II - Rm. 315
Wed., Nov. 19th, - 12:10 pm to 1:00 pm - Track I - The NeighborHOOD
It's an opportunity to connect with Dr. Lattimore, while he hears our hearts, addresses our concerns, and imparts.
We need your help! Please grab a grocery bag from the student lounge and fill it with non-perishables. All donations are being given to Rowan Helping Ministries in the month of November.
Pre-Orders for new Hood gear will not take place. Instead, SGA has placed an order to stock the store for your convenience.
Student Forum
Suggestions and answers to questions received will be posted soon. 
• Rowan Helping Ministries Project - The first group service project was a success! Another project is being planned for next semester. In the mean time, please see Bertille Regis, Carla  Carson, or Charlotte Pinkett on how you can get involved as an individual.           
• Students have voted and long sleeve t-shirts will be added to the SGA store. If we don't have something you want when the order comes in, feel free to log onto
• Breakfast is now being served on Saturdays from 7:30-10am.
• The computer lab has been moved to the Library.
• Pre-paid cards for printing purposes are coming your way soon.
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Chaplain Support Services (in connection with Carolinas Medical Center Northeast)**
• Informal times of reflection and discussion
• Self Care Support (relaxation exercises, healing rituals, and aromatherapy)
• Prayer for you and your ministry
• Note - all sessions are confidential**
Contact:Chaplain Janice Cooper
Schedule an individual appointment today outside of campus visits that works for you!
919.244.1730 (mobile) or
Next On-Campus Visit: TBA
2014-15 SGA Representatives:
Bryle Hatch
Donna Butler
Lamont Foster
Travis Davis
If you have concerns or suggestions, feel free to see any one of these students.
******Faculty Committee Representatives:******
• Academic Standards and Curriculum - Andria Cantrell
• Area III Search Committee - Kris Mares
• Assessment, Formation, and Outcomes - James Burroughs
• Alabama Extension - Warren Williams
• Information Technology & Communication Systems - Jabari Anderson & Kevin Griffin
• Community Life - Charlotte Pinkett and Jeff Person

Additional Information

Quiet Hours in the NeighborHOOD (the old bookstore):
•Individual Student Study Time: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 5pm to 12:00am:
•Study Group Hours:
-Request blocks of time - maximum of two hours:
Purchase your Hood gear in store or online at