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2015-16 Election Results

Monica Sanders
Vice President
Linwood Buford Jr.
Dana Caldwell                          
Track II Representative at large
Rob Crawford       
Angela Greene                          

2014-2015 Campus Updates

20 First Chapel Service (SGA)
21-22 Book Sale/Swap - Track I
23 Book Sale/Swap - Track II @ 5-6pm
27 Chaplain on campus
31 Book Swap/Sale - Track II @ lunch
Chaplain on campus
SGA Officer Nominations end
February (Black History Month Celebrations/Open House Month)
4 Open House @ 12-5pm (Kick Off)
8 SGA Officer Nominee bios and photos due
24 Hood Pride Day
25 Fireside Chat @ 12:20-1pm
27 Fireside Chat @ 5:30-6pm
28 Hood Pride Day
9 Rowan Helping Ministries - Volunteer Project @ 9a-2pm
11  Student Forum - Track I
14 Student Forum - Track 2
26 Hood Pride Day
28 Hood Pride Day
30 SGA Elections begin - hear from the candidates -
  4 SGA Elections end
16 End of Year Celebration - Track I
18 End of Year Celebration - Track II
21 Hood Pride Day
25 Hood Pride Day
2014-15 SGA Representatives:
Donna Butler
Lamont Foster
If you have concerns or suggestions, feel free to see any one of these students.
******Faculty Committee Representatives:******
• Academic Standards and Curriculum - Andria Cantrell
• Area III Search Committee - Kris Mares
• Assessment, Formation, and Outcomes - James Burroughs
• Alabama Extension - Warren Williams
• Information Technology & Communication Systems - Rob Crawford & Kevin Griffin
• Community Life - Charlotte Pinkett and Jeff Person

Additional Information

The NeighborHOOD hours to purchase Hood Gear:
Wednesdays: 12-1pm
Saturdays: 1-2pm
Quiet Hours in The NeighborHOOD (the old bookstore):
•Individual Student Study Time: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 5pm to 12:00am:
•Study Group Hours:-Request blocks of time - maximum of two hours
***Purchase your Hood gear in store or online at