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Find solutions for student loan repayment problems

Having problems repaying your student loans?  Don't panic – you have OPTIONS!

Solutions to common problems

Financial hardship

Forgot to make a payment

  • Consider electronic payment options, such as direct debit.
    • Service that allows your bank to automatically deduct your monthly loan payments from your checking or savings account and forward it to your loan holder for processing
    • Some loan holders offer interest rate discounts if you use electronic debit

Loan is in default

  • Review your options, including consolidation, reinstatement of federal financial aid eligibility, and rehabilitation

Monthly payment is too high

Multiple monthly student loan payments

Returned to school after loan entered repayment

School closed and you weren't able to finish education

Too many monthly bills  

Transferred to a new school

  • Call your loan holder to advise them you are still in school but transferred to a different school. Then, ask the school you transferred to verify your attendance with your loan holder so loans from your previous school will remain in an in-school status.


  • Request an unemployment deferment
  • If you're not eligible for an unemployment deferment, inquire about an economic hardship deferment
  • Request forbearance, if you’re not eligible for a deferment
  • Consider alternative repayment plans

Other helpful information

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