Summer and Fall 2022 Classes

1. Log on to myHood
2. Click on Add/Drop Courses
3. Change the Term to 2021-2022 Summer Term for June courses
4. Change the Term to 2022-2023 Fall Semester for July and Fall Courses
5. Click on "Search"
6. Choose your courses
7. Click on "Save"
8. Email your Advisor for course approvals

UMC denominational polices have been revised to permit UMC students to take online courses at Hood.

PTH 142 Psychology of Religion June 6-10 has been cancelled.

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Campus Information

January and Spring 2022 Course Schedules

  1. Log on to myHood
  2. Click on Add/Drop Courses
  3. Click on "Search"
  4. Choose your courses
  5. Click on "Save"
  6. Email your advisor for course approvals

Students registering for PTH 232 or PTH 233 at Emory must provide Emory with proof of COVID vaccination.  This requirement applies to all Emory students whether they are taking courses in person or online.

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The chart times are for on-campus class meetings.  These times are not consistent week by week.  Maximum enrollment is 10.


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The following hybrid courses have been cancelled:  BST 300 Educational Ministry Children; PTH 370 Seminar: Preaching the Lectionary; TSE 304 Liberation Theology

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