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SGA & Student Life Announcements (.doc, 23K)

****From the Hood Theological Handbook page 20****

Student Lounge

The student lounge is for the convenience of all students and provides a comfortable area where students may study and/or relax. It should not be used as a dining hall or class room.

Student Government Association (SGA):

The Student Government Association administers the affairs of the student body in consultation with the Dean of Students. Duly elected officers of the SGA, as stipulated by its constitution (See Appendix G), together with representatives from each class, comprise the governing body of the SGA. With the exception of D.Min. students, every student is a member of the SGA and pays an annual fee towards its support. Student Government Association Activities Representation on Faculty Committees Student representatives are included on several faculty committees. These persons are appointed by the SGA President. In addition, the SGA President (or a student representative) attends the monthly plenary Faculty Meetings of the Seminary with voice but without vote.


Responsible stewardship of God’s creation is the calling of all Christians. The Hood community is aware that it needs to do its part to care for God’s earth and live out its Christian discipleship accordingly. Students who desire to participate in a recycling committee may contact a member of the SGA executive board or send an e-mail to April Hall, SGA Vice President,


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